Uber Chic Home Container Sale!

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Urgent news, my local friends! Katie convinced me to go to an Uber Chic Home container sale with her this morning, and it was ah-freakin-mazing! If you are in need of something to do tomorrow, you seriously must go!

Here’s Katie with our new BFF Dustin. He and his buddy Chris travel to Europe, fill a ginormous shipping container with European vintage and antique goodies, and bring them back to Las Angelas to sell.

Somehow they ended up in Utah.

Don’t know how, don’t care. The finds and prices are fantabulous.

You are never going to believe what I found… a dough bowl! Ahhhh! I have been looking for an authentic dough bowl FOREVER. I almost bought one in Virginia last year for $200. Dustin has them priced around $6o, and all different sizes. I have seen replicas (aka FAKE!) sold in stores for around $150 so I cannot even tell you how excited I am to find a real one for such a fabulous price.

(If you don’t know what a dough bowl is go HERE. FYI… it’s also called a trencher.)

Anywho, I can’t wait to find a place for it in my home. I will keep you posted on where it ends up.

If you want to go check out the Uber Chic Home sale, there are plenty of treasures left for tomorrow! Go to 1720 South 900 East in SLC. (Right in front of Abode in Sugarhouse.) They will be selling tomorrow from 9-4.

Be sure and let me know what you find!

I promise I won’t be mad if you buy a dough bowl too.

Ohhh! We can be dough bowl twinners!

Never mind.

That’s a little weird.


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