March 22, 2013 8:00 am

Tech in the Home GIVEAWAY!!!




First things first: A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all my sponsors whom either asked me to share fabulous tech products this week, or donated items for the giveaway!  I am fortunate to be able to work with so many great people.

Secondly, thank YOU for all your support, comments, and emails this week. This has been such a fun series; I can’t wait to do it again!

Ready to see what’s in the GIVEAWAY???

ONE PERSON is going to win EVERYTHING below!!!



Aaaaaahhhhh! Seriously! So much awesome stuff!

Here’s what is included in the giveaway:

1. Beam Brush. One Beam Brush in either pink or blue, with your choice of adult or child’s size. Retail price $49.99. To visit Beam Brush on Facebook go HERE.

2. Kingston 32 GB Wi-Drive for your iOS or Android device. Retail price $128.00. To visit Kingston on Facebook go HERE.

3. FitBug Air device.  The FitBug air is an activity tracker that syncs wirelessly to Bluetooth 4 smartphones and other devices. Retail price $29.99-59.99. Visit FitBug on Facebook HERE.

4.Dropcam HD Wi-Fi video monitoring camera. Retail price $149.00. Visit Dropcam on Facebook HERE.

5. JBL Micro Wireless Speaker. Pocket-sized, Bluetooth-enabled speaker that delivers big sound from your portable audio devices. Get up to five hours of uninterrupted audio from its rechargeable battery! Retail price $59.95.Visit JBL Electronics on Facebook HERE.

6. JBL J Series Earbuds. These are premium in-ear headphones with JBL drivers and microphone. Premium nickel-plated drivers, three-button remote control with microphone, slip-resistant silicone tips, and more. Retail price $79.95. Visit JBL Electronics on Facebook HERE.

7. SleepPhonesSleepPhones assist you in falling asleep, and staying asleep. No more restless nights due to partner snoring or other distractions! (I tried these out at CES and they are amazing, and super comfortable!) Retail price $39.95. Visit SleepPhones on Facebook HERE.

8. One Kingston 32 GB USB DataTraveler. Retail price $68.00. To visit Kingston on Facebook go HERE.

9. id America Cushi cell phone case. Choose from three different 3D designs for the iPhone 4/4S/5. Retail price $14.95. Visit id America on Facebook HERE.

10. Wicked Audio Jaw Breakers Earbuds. Innovative buds with noise isolation feature to produce superb sound quality. Retail price $17.99. Visit Wicked Audio on Facebook HERE.

Total retail value of all the giveaway items combined… over $600.00!

Oh my goodness, this is my favorite giveaway EVER!

Alright friends, here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment below sharing what your favorite tech device is at home!

That’s it! Ready… set…go!


Now for the nitty gritty details:

One entry per person.

You are not required to “like” any sponsor Facebook pages, but it is appreciated! (And I have conveniently listed them all for you above.) :)

Giveaway ends Monday, April 1st at midnight MST.

Winner will be chosen using and announced on April 2nd  on the Natalme Facebook page. Be sure to follow HERE so you will know if you won!

All prizes will be shipped to you from individual sponsors. I am not responsible for damaged items, or items that are never received.

That’s it! Good luck!


  • Lauren Smith

    My smart phone is my favorite!

  • Janalyn H.

    My new favorite tech device is my new apple computer. LOVE it!!

  • I love our video monitor for our kiddo. We just bought a generic security camera and use that. It’s survived through quite a few toddlr drops, but I’m not sure how much longer it will make it! I’d love to try out a new Wifi one that works with devices!

  • Nicole King

    Cambree’s tablet it keeps her busy…so I can play on my phone!!

  • I think my favorite technical device has to be the xbox. We never utilize it for its intended purpose: instead, we watch Netflix, Xfinity and DVDs. How else would I stay up to date with the Doctor, Bones and Elementary?!

  • My boys say that I am married to my IPhone5.

  • Mike J.

    I love my iPad…keeps my kids quiet!

  • I live for my baby monitor. Is that sad since my kids are now 3 1/2 and 20 months. But I use it to make sure they are playing nice!
    Vanessa Barker recently posted..{Recipe} Homemade Pizza RollsMy Profile

  • Becky M

    My laptop. I’m always on it!

  • rsairajeswari

    I love My Nokia xpress music phone..i love to listen Music..i never leave my phone n ear phones any where at any cost.Music that makes every one to be happy and forget our stress and strain,worries..everything in the world

  • Nicki

    All of my Mac products. I’m a serious Apple girl!

  • I am in a relationship with my dslr! Love my Canon :)

  • My favorite techie item is my camera–does that count? My phone is definitely a close second. :) Aweosme giveaway, thanks!
    Jan recently to break down a pallet with hand tools {tutorial}My Profile

  • Matt Robinson

    My favorite tech item is my Vizio smart TV so I can watch Lost on Netflix.

  • Mariam

    Probably just my boring old laptop =)

  • Annie

    My iphone…it’s always by my side

  • My iPad, for sure. I can’t be without it for even a second.

  • My favorite is my bluetooth enabled Bose speakers…because I always have my iphone in my pocket, and so now, I can listen to music but have my phone with me as I am cleaning or whatever. :)

  • Leaving a comment in an effort to win the giveaway. Our favorite tech gadget is the DropCam for home security purposes.

  • Megan

    Ipad for sure. My children are prolific users

  • Leah :)

    Hi Natalie!!!

    I love to see all the fun things you are doing :) Our favorite tech device is our Kindle Fire. We have had it for over a year and it is still fun and going strong :)

  • Christy Nather

    my favorite tech device is my galaxy tab…….oh and my kindle :)

  • Monica Fischer

    Can I list my DVR as my favorite? Can’t live without it. Laptop is a close second :)

  • Susan Whitchurch

    Love my ipod touch. It keeps my kiddies happy and the house filled with happy tunes! Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I’m crossing my fingers :)

  • Katie B

    My Nexus 7–love it :) , I also love my mini fitbit tracker.

  • We bought a Nest for our new place– I can’t WAIT to get it installed and use the awesome-ness of it!

  • Shelley

    Definitely my IPad, love it, wish my kids would leave it alone though!

  • Janis Conn

    Best give-away I’ve seen! My best device @ home and just about everywhere is my ipad. Given as a gift, I didn’t think I would use it that much. HA! We are inseparable : )

  • Jackie G

    I have to say my iPad. I can read my books, watch Hulu and check emails.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Cassandra M.

    My favorite tech item is a tie between my DVR and my smartphone. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Mitch Evans

    My iPad for sure!! I use it for everything!!

  • jeremy

    My DVR is my favorite device at home

  • Kristin M.

    Can’t imagine life without my iPad!

  • Curt Arulf

    Got to be my iPad

  • holly k

    ipod with my speakers. Such heaven to add some music to life!

  • alexis janiszewski

    My fav is my phone!!! I need it!

  • I’d have to say that my iPhone is easily my most used and appreciated tech device, though I do really love my ipad and the speakers i use to blare my pandora throughout the house. I’ve loved this feature and added many of the items to my amazon wish list!
    jenn recently posted..continuing education | illustrator 101My Profile

  • My favorite is my awesome babysitter, my ipad!
    Brooke recently posted..Hapari Swimsuit Giveaway!!My Profile

  • Sarah

    Our iPad is the most loved, and well used gadget in our home!

  • Ronda

    My phone – what would I do without it?!?

  • Jill Haviland

    I got an IPad for Christmas. It has been so much fun. FaceTime with my husband while he has been on business trips has been so cool.

  • Emily K.

    I can’t live without my Android smartphone. I take it everywhere, use it check blogs via Google Reader, and Pin like a mad woman. I email, facebook, and text from it too! I’m a busy lady, and I love having it with me!

  • Mandy Ford

    I would have to go with our router/blu ray player or my smartphone. Although I don’t love either. Some of the products you’re giving away however, I’m sure I could fall in love with. ;)

  • Chiree Booker

    I would marry my iphone if I could. Lol so it will have to be my iphone

  • Rachel

    Love my iPad!!!

  • Tina M

    It’s my Kindle..Love it..

  • sarah jane

    I love my Dropcam! It’s my favorite tech device that’s at home when I’m not :)

  • Linda Bailey

    I love my DropCam HD!! I actually have two of them that I use both for home security and for keeping an eye on the furkids (dogs)

  • My Roku is my favorite. I have 3, one in each room. With so many channels including streaming Netflix, the only reason to leave my house is to work to pay bills. I have no cable (except the 10 or so channels I get with my mohu leaf plus so no cable bill). With millions of movies and shows, Pandora, Vevo, and more, this really is the best streaming option.

  • Julie

    I love my Motorola Xoom – can do just about anything from it!

  • My iMac, my iPhone, my iPad, my Samsung HDTV, my Time Capsule… and a bunch of other really cool stuff. Enjoy your blog!

    USMC Ret.

    “For those who fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.”

  • Eva Biggs

    I guess my smartphone.

  • Kiersten Rich Bare

    My favorite is my iPhone and my Dropcam!!

  • Debbie Bayne Omeara

    I LOVE my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone!!! I always have it with me! Love the large screen and the bright colors. It is easy to use and is used for way more than just taking phone calls. Way to go Samsung for making a great product!

  • Tom Riney

    My dropcam works like a charm. I debated on purchasing this device for 16 months. So happy I finally did.

  • Miranda Welle

    I’m happy with my PC! :)

  • David Dukes

    My favorite tech at home now is the Phillips Hue System. Allowing my wife and I to no longer have to decide who has to get out of bed to turn the lights off!

  • Saara R Moskowitz

    Love our dropcam! Helps us keep an eye on the baby in her own room:)

  • Katie Hedrick

    Favorite is the drop cam…Love it and would love to have another

  • Henny Jansen Lefebvre

    My dropcam is the best, now to get another one for the back side of the house. It let’s me know who’s at the door or who’s coming up the driveway. No longer open for stranger. I love my Dropcam, such a cool security to have.

  • Jamie

    I’m going to be boring, and say that my favorite is still my laptop! I do everything on it, and I’m pretty obsessed with it. I also love my smartphone and my dropcam though!!!

  • ken turnington

    I love my DropCam so much I purchased 3 with more to come, DropCam keeps an eye on all my home electronics….. even when I go on vacation to another state. Also I can watch my new grandson in another state.

  • jessica bittke

    My favorite device is my cell phone.

  • The Dropcam has a great quality picture.

  • All my apple devices, my raspberry pi, and my nest!

  • My favorite device is our new Mac laptop! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Megan Sutliff recently posted..Strolling Into Spring with Brica (Day 23)My Profile

  • Christine Savela

    My Mac Book Pro for now…but once my baby gets here..I’m thinking it will be my video monitor (hopefully a DropCam, fingers crossed!)!

  • Andy N

    Galaxy S3 smartphone is a great gadget, kids love their iPods n DS’s.

    The Dropcam eould help us with the newborn in the house!

  • Sharmila M.

    My iPhone is my favorite tech device!

  • Alexander Clark

    My favorite tech device is my iPad 3. Thank you so much for this super awesome giveaway! You rock!!! I’ve got my fingers crossed and good luck to everyone.

  • Todd A

    Sonos! Fantastic hardware and software & super easy to setup and use. Together with Sirius, Rhapsody, Songza, and Pandora accounts, I went from barely listening to music at home (ever!!) to listening everyday with nearly unlimited options :)

  • iphone – it organizes my life, i don’t know what I did without it

  • my favorite tech is the wifi enabled thermostat

  • Adina

    Love my kindle!

  • Marci

    Love my iPad…..I spend a lot of time on it!

  • drkrishnasuman

    Beam brush is awesome.

  • Shannon

    Our iHome is a simple device, but it’s used so often and has become our stereo system, charging station, and recipe holder!

  • Steve

    So far my favorite tech items I have are my Nest thermostat for awesome energy savings and control, dropcam for great viewing and my new Lifx bulb. These light are so controllable, their awesome. A fun toy really.

  • Jim Teed

    I really enjoy my Bluetooth speaker, the JBL Flip.

  • jeannine s

    my favorite piece of tech is my Galaxy S3

  • Stacie Moody

    My favorite tech device in my home would have to be our new 10 point touch all in one computer. Although a close 2nd place would be our DropCam with DVR service.. LOVE being able to have eyes on our much loved techie devices while we are away from home.

  • Justin Fincher

    I can’t imagine life without my Galaxy Note 2, but my GoPro camera has definitely lead to some really awesome times!

  • Angie P

    My favorite device has to be my Galaxy Note 2! I love apple when it comes to tablets and music players, but when it comes to phones, I love androids hands down!! The note is my fave!!

  • Brittney

    My favorite tech devise is my iPad. I thought they were so dumb when they came out but now having owned one for a year it’s my favorite thing of all time. Just give me my iPad and Netflix and I can do dishes all day :)

  • Jared

    I get a lot of use out of my Apple laptop. Its so easy to navigate.

  • My favorite WAS our camera monitor but it just broke and now we have a new baby we really need it for! The dropcam would be an awesome and much needed addition to our apartment!!!

  • Anonymous

    It would be super easy to write, my laptop since I am always on it but the piece of tech I cannot live without is my mp3 player. I just love having my music on me at all times and I listen to it incessantly! The laptop does, however, run a very close second. :)


    My 4 yrs old laptop!

  • Lauren Nickell

    Love my iPhone! couldnt live with out it!

  • I love my tablet!! <3 and would love this giveaway!!
    Julianna M recently announcementMy Profile

  • Samantha Sandoval

    I love my smart phone

  • Sharlie Erb

    GPS! So I guess my smart phone. Without it, I would literally be lost.

  • Adrian

    My favorite tech device is definitely my Macbook Pro. Can’t live without it!

  • Rajee

    iphone 5 is my favorite

  • Stephanie Gossett

    My Kindle is my favorite! This is an amazing giveaway. I cannot even imagine winning! Thank you for the chance.


  • Ben M

    My favorite device is my phone!

  • Terrence H.

    My PC!

  • My favorite tech device at home is my new Nexus 4. Coming from an old Nokia 6630 I see a huge difference! :D

  • Alexander Grigorov

    My PC is my favorite, of course. Gayman all day, erry day.

  • barry fliegelman


  • Jay G

    Many to choose from, but in the end the MacBook Pro ends up on top.

  • David

    My favorite Device is my computer I built.

  • Michael

    In my home necessary is mine 5-old PC, Source of any information that I need to know.

  • Eric Riggs

    I’m really enjoying the Kindle my brother gave me for Christmas. I’m catching up on tons of titles, and I read every day now. It’s great.

  • My favourite tech. device at home is my laptop. I know that is a very generic answer, but it enables me to live! I revise for my degree, I cool down and watch online TV, I Skype with my girlfriend when we are apart… So many different things! It may not be the best laptop in the world, but I could not live without it, and hence it is my favourite!

  • I want kingston 32 gb usb

  • Darryl Johnson

    My favorite tech item is my Samsung Galaxy S3 on the Verizon Network- this phone rocks!

  • My favorite tech at hone device is my DVR, it allows me to watch tv shows and movies at my convenience.

  • Daniel T.

    My favorite is my android cellphone. I`d love to win this. Thanks for the chance.

  • Eduardo Veldi

    My favorite device is my HTC Desire HD, i dont need more power by now!

  • i love headphone

  • Kristoffer Lambek

    My Nokia 8210 have made it through all the years, and have never failed me!

  • The most useful items in my kit other than my computer is probably the Toshiba tablet I have. Although it is an older one, I have a group of Kingston thumbdrives with all of my recipes, medical records, music and audiobook collections, which makes it very easy to have whatever I want at my fingertips, especially when I am waiting at an appointment or sitting around at the doctor’s office for tests. Very useful and much better than a bag full of books and odd bits which I used to carry with me.
    Marion Skydancer recently posted..Cheryl Karry 10My Profile

  • Song Cheng

    Any of those would make my day!!! niceeeee

  • Mine is definitely my tablet (Wacom drawing tablet, not iPad/Android tablet). I can’t do work without it!
    Robbie Knapic recently posted..3DMy Profile

  • Randy Jones

    Galaxy SIII for me

  • dzafar

    I could write about my Pavilion, Lumia or Nexus7 but my favourited one is… coffee maker. It isn’t high tech but you have to put it into socket to work. But if it isn’t even tech – let’s say Nexus is my favourite one.

  • Nuraziawati Mat Yazik

    I love my Samsung Galaxy S3 mini because it is very friendly and smart to use anywhere

  • Gary Smith

    My favorite piece of tech at home is my Toshiba 40″ LCD TV. Got it for a steal last Summer and absolutely love it.

  • Definitely my iPhone, use it every day for almost everything

  • Nick Maynard

    My favourite has to be my boxee box

  • brian m

    the roomba is my favorite tech device at home

  • Nikolay Shumkov

    I really love my earbuds, they give me pleasure moments and privacy on my road trips. :)

  • still love my computer desktop

  • Larry Stevens

    My favorite device is my extenal hard drive.

  • Teguh

    my favorite is computer, second is my samsung corby, third is my razer headset carcharias XD

  • Adham Delgado

    My favorite tech at home is the MobileLite Wireless it’s fantastic ( yea i’m a betta tester )

  • kemle

    my fav is my pc and laptop. let’s me do all the things i need to do, from work-related to entertainment purposes.

  • my G930′s

  • Steve C

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Concord Cheung

    My Lumia 920 is the best because I can use it wherever I am around the house!

  • Vialli Muhammad Faijar

    My favorite gadget is my Notebook ASUS N43SL got it for my college after I sold my house, my notebook is my precioussss

  • I still love my iPad n Asus N43S

  • My favorite Tech Device would be my Computer. I dreamed of having this kind of Gaming Computer ever since Highschool and started saving for it and later in my 3rd year of college bought a nice computer and upgraded it from there. :)

  • Malcolm

    My laptop. I use it for work school, and play almost every day.

  • Dan F

    internet connected bluray… netflix on the tv, can’t beat that

  • Carlos H

    i love my samsung smartphone sgs2 to use daily and my nexus 7 at night when i’m on my bed. thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  • tally fadil

    my desktop pc is my favorite tech at home. :)

  • Donald Campbell

    I love my Macbook. Four years and counting.

  • John Elmos

    The best piece of tech in my house is the new computer I just got. Its so quiet and faster than my old one. Its amazing to use. I’m looking at a career in video editing and this thing lets me work so much more efficiently. I love it!

  • Kyle Tabo-oy

    My macbook pro <3

  • E Free

    My favorite device is my home built PC. It’s completely custom and special to me.

  • Catherine Milmine

    I love my laptop, I would be lost without it.

  • Wes Stowell

    My gaming computer—I built it myself!

  • Abdulkader

    My favourite tech device is my samsung galaxy y.

  • Sandra

    My iPad

  • Alexander Trieu

    My IPhone 4S – its my treasure :D

  • Brian

    My smartphone and laptop easily.

  • Renick Lee

    My Guitar effects board

  • Andon

    I love my iPhone, and my laptop of course.

  • Michael

    My Portable hard drive, it has so many memories on it.

  • James

    My favorite tech device…it’s a toss-up between my Samsung Galaxy S2 and my Keurig coffee maker. Can I get back to you on that? ;)

  • My favorite tech device at home is my HTC Vivid smart phone.

  • Karen Lewis

    My iPad is my favorite tech device. I love the portability.

  • Daniel Sidelsky

    My phone by far, Nexus 4!

  • William

    My computer is my life blood.

  • my fav is my laptop cause i can be in any place in my house and enjoy the freedom of it

  • my laptop ,toshiba portege is great for the portabilityof it. Come on its only 2.5 pounds and is a powerful tool

  • pierantonio

    My smartphone: we are inseparable!

  • Tobias Kittelsen

    Hard one, but I’d say either my PS3 or my Buffalo NAS!

  • Pawel Pavlov

    My favorite tech devices are my pc and my waffle maker :3

  • kimquyen le

    My Samsung Galaxy S3! =) LOve it & cant live without it ;)

  • Anshuman Rahi

    My favorite tech device is my Nokia smart phone and my Pen drive.

  • Mindo Ja

    I love my GoPro! =D

  • My iPad, I use it for everything.

  • Curtis

    My iPhone. Hands down!

  • Michael Bliznik

    My laptop. It’s keyboard is easier to use than a tablet’s.

  • Chris B.

    My computer and my Kindle fire

  • Dale Romero

    My iPad…don’t know how I lived without it previously! ;)

  • Aljohn Abella

    My Desktop PC, it can do everything I needed to do and very reliable. :)

  • riley smith

    My bluetooth headphones. My music and podcasts follow me from room to room without disturbing or being distrubed by the sound coming from what others are doing.

  • Phil Reichert

    My favorite tech device is my Asus G60jx

  • George

    My TV. Rocking it Old Skool!

  • Kenneth Cheung

    Even though it’s old, my Nexus S is still my favourite!

  • my desktop PC and smartphone rocks :-D

  • Jose Lench

    my favorite would have to be my tablet, cant go anywhere without it, good luck all

  • chander shekhar

    My Lenovo ThinkPad laptop is my all time favorite device, as it works for me everytime I am in need of it. Its a respite in pressure, and pleasure in lighter moments.

  • Juan Pablo Escobed

    My pc is my favorite

  • Adam Alvarado

    My router. Without that bad boy my other tech would not be worth a darn.

  • vladozaurus

    My HUAWEI U8650 is doing the job quiet well.

  • Micheal Gionta

    My kindle is my fav at home.

  • My home computer by far.

  • Dominick Doyle

    I’d go with the Wi-Drive, it’s crucial for any trip or long commute, but the DataTraveler is a close second!

  • Anna Leontieva

    My favourire tech devise is mobile phone Nokia 3600 slide. I use it every day. Mobile phone helps me do photo and send them to my friends.

  • be kind of hard to pick my favorite item from the two. either my 2TB external Samsung hard drive or my Unisys server made in 2000 that I was given witch is my first server I ever got.

  • Brady Wallace

    I don’t own a smart phone or a tablet so my favorite tech device would have to be my desktop computer. Thanks for the chance to win some great stuff.

  • Naveen Kumar Barthwal

    My favorite tech device nowadays is my Logitech Wireless Mouse, that allows me to work at twice the speed.

  • Mitch

    My desktop and Raspberry Pi. Together I am able to stream/watch pretty much whatever I want.

  • Kynzic

    I think my computer would be my first. it’s kind of my “home base”. Productivity, gaming, music, entertainment… I kinda use it for everything.
    Thanks for this chance, I hope i win. I could actually use a lot of this stuff. :-)

  • Raymond Cheung

    My favorite tech device is my tablet. I don’t use my laptop as much as I use to.

  • Jose Alvarado

    Favorite gadget at home is Zune HD. I cant live without my music!

  • Michael Norton

    My PC is my favorite tech device, then my phone. :)

  • Dale Veatch

    PC, Phone, Tablet

  • Prashob

    My PC :)

  • Paul Kr.

    definitely my PC :3

  • Steve Stone

    my desktop computer and my tv setup

  • Steve brown

    my iphone

  • Deb C

    My favorite is my computer, couldn’t live without it. But another device I adore is my Roku. I love the freedom and variety it gives me in TV content.

  • Lilian666

    My fav is my pendrive :)

  • Kingston products are some of the very best technology available today. It would be nice to win any of these lovely prizes as I have only ever won the ability to play again. Best of luck to all who enter.

  • My laptop because I use it more than any of my other tech devices!

  • I love me Wi-Drive+ MibileLite. I got it as a beta and love it. it works amazing with my smartphone, and cant wait for it to have all of the apps set up. This is an amazing device.

  • Linda N

    My Macbook is my favorite. I use it for school and other uses (games, editing videos and photos, and more).

  • Patti Kelleher

    Can I say I love them all? :) But if I HAD to pick one, it would be my iPhone.

  • Norman

    My TV. I stream Hulu and NetFlix to it. I also watch blu-ray movies and play games from my PS3 on it.

  • Mikael Grahn

    My favourite tech toy would be my nifty Zotac ZBOX. It’s an awesome little HTPC for all my needs :D

  • Tom B

    I would have to say my HTPC so I can stream music and videos pretty much everywhere in the house!

  • Mihai O

    My bookshelf speakers: they make my life sound so much better ;)

  • Jimmy Naidoo

    Android phone :-)

  • Nicholas Stone

    I would have to say my coffee machine, it keeps me awake to use my other gadgets ><

  • ryandigweed

    My Favorite tech gadget at home has got to be my Android Based Smartphone. I manage my network, my server, socialize, text, check my emails, copy data from my server to the USB through the phone. It’s the best. :)

  • Chris Malone

    My piece of tech at home has to be my smartphone, it is almost like a small portable computer, and more efficient than my laptop :P

  • Jerwin M

    My USB..though it’s small, it holds copies of my important work files.

  • James Knox

    My PC that I built, I do everything on it.

  • Sharfaraz Ahmed

    My $2000 Gaming PC is my new favourite tech device !!!

  • tobaccoiswacko

    love my 2005 Dell inspiron 6400

  • Alex G

    My Notebook

  • Eric J Wilborn

    Well, my computer got me here to enter this contest, so that’s gotta rank up there pretty high.

  • Ayman Alruwaili

    My Gaming PC

  • Chris Trak

    my CM Storm Trigger Keuboard

  • Sandy Bruce

    My PC is my favorite tech item. I have upgraded everything in it to make it a true powerhouse. 8 core cpu 16gb 2133mhz memory 3 Gpus! Its a monster for gaming! Love it!

  • Derek Leong

    My iPad Mini.


    my favorite tech device at home is samsung galaxy note.

  • Mubashshir Nezam

    My Hp Envy Ultrabook

  • Katrina Baker

    My favorite device would be my laptop, it has helped me to keep in touch with my friends and family (some of whom live far away) better than any other device I have.

  • Imtihan Ahmed

    My favorite device is my playstation 3 because of its multimedia capabilities. It easily lets me use files from my computer from the comfort of the couch and allows me to connect multiple devices.

  • Andries J Els

    My pc is Awesome can play games and it keeps u out of trouble

  • Alexander

    My favorite device is my computer :3

  • Mark Yarmer

    I love the Kingston 32 GB Wi-Drive. Wireless Digital Storage…awesomeness!

  • Deepak

    My favorite tech product at home is my wonderful “Desktop”. Its always with me at home :D

  • I love my itouh at the moment but when s4 comes out ill be liking that alot more probs.

  • Dan Valentin

    my SIII is my favorite!

  • David Chen

    My desktop computer for sure, my phone is only a substitute when I am not home

  • My Microsoft Surface RT & WP8…they are both awesome and make a great pair!!!

  • Andrey

    My PC :) spent a lot of time with it!

  • Teh Yong Hui

    My favorite tech device at home is Kingston pendrive! It allows me to store my picture that means a lot to me and also let me to store my favorite songs in it.

  • Tan Tsui Ngo

    The favorite tech device at home is my Sony MP3. With MP3, I can listen to my favorite music anywhere and anytime I wish!

  • Dzulhusne Fikri

    My favourite tech at my home is my custom-built PC

  • kvkskumar

    my pc

  • Indika

    My laptop is my favorite device at home. Even though I have a android phone and a tablet I find that I use my laptop more.

  • Vladyslav

    Vacuum cleaner

  • Stephen Moraes

    would be nice to win these

  • Ankeet

    My favorite tech device at home is my SATA HDD docking station, it saves me a lot every year. Instead of spending on DVD discs for backup or portable hard-disks, I get cheap internal SATA HDD’s on which I dump tons of GIG sized videos which I create. 1 hdd for movies, 1 for music, 6 for all my data :)

  • Valerie Theberge

    My iPad and my dishwasher :)

  • Hani Z.

    My digital camera of course!

  • AZHAR B.

    Definitely my computer. If it wasn’t for that baby, I would never have found the joy of gaming in the first place!!!

  • Vandan Ved

    my computer is my best tech device..

  • ted derksen

    my macbook pro keeps me happy

  • Darin R.

    My laptop

  • Definitely my iPhone!
    Leigh recently posted..Hello to Easter, Family and Fun!My Profile

  • Josh Parker

    My iPad

  • Linda Landes

    My computer :)

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