Stamped Spoon Plant Decor

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Look at these lovely metal stamps!

I picked these up at Hobby Lobby for stamping jewelry but I have found all kinds of other fun uses for them.

I really wanted to make some plant markers for my herb garden. You know, like the ones you see on Pinterest that say chives or basil or thyme? 

But then I wouldn’t be posting anything fun and original, now would I?

So instead of traditional plant markers, I am made plant encouragers.

Yes, that is a word.

How could a plant not want to grow with this kind of positive reinforcement goin’ on???

If you’re under twelve, this one below stands for “Laughing my aches out.”

This one below would be awesome in a get well flower arrangement for a friend, or you can make it for yourself if you’re into the whole daily affirmations thing.

What fern or house plant would not want to be called amazeballs?

Awesomesauce is like applesauce, only it’s made with awesomes.

It’s going to be legen…

wait for it…


Quick, name that show!

(If you can’t, you better get caught up friend and go HERE.)

So whatcha think?

Much more entertaining for the garden and house plants.

Any super cool catch phrases I am missing?

Don’t let me down friends, I am thinking potential neighbor Christmas gifts here…


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Tina Buenzow
November 6, 2012 Reply

Brilliant idea!!! my mind is going with ideas! thanks for sharing!

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