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You know I love to paint, right?

(Remember how I changed my living room color six times in six years?)

Well, I feel like my whole life I have been painting with cheap craft sponge brushes and you just handed me a Purdy.

And you’re all like, Natalie, you love to paint! Why don’t you give a real paintbrush a try?

And at first, I’m like all mad, because I am wondering why you didn’t tell me to buy a Purdy paintbrush sooner.

And then I actually start crying because I can’t believe how much easier painting is with a good quality paint brush.

And then I punch you in the gut, because I am still mad you didn’t share the wealth of knowledge that behooves a good quality paint job.

Okay, I don’t actually punch you in the gut.

Maybe the shin though.

I have a point!

My eyes have been opened to world of electronic die-cutting machines and I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about them sooner.

I feel so behind the times! Where have I been? How did I not know?

So let me get this straight. Just like me, you would sit down with table full of craft projects to do. Except while I slave away cutting and measuring, you are watching your projects be made while eating a bowl full of ice cream?

So. Not. Fair.

Well, guess what my friends. GAME ON.

Look what I made with the (brand spakin’ new) Cricut Mini.


I can’t even tell you how many people have come over and asked, “Why is there a wood box by your front door?”

And I would enthusiastically answer, “You put your shoes in it!”

Oh. That’s nice.

And now, it’s like a completely different story.

“Oh my goodness, what an adorable box for guests shoes!”

Pfff. It’s nothin’.

I made it. Magically. While eating ice cream.

All righty friends, I forgive you.

Just remember to teach your daughters important things when they grow up so they don’t feel left out too.

You know, stuff about tampons, hair extensions, and how room mom’s are only able to pull off amazing school parties ’cause they are hiding Cricut’s in their closets at home.

Stuff like that.

You have been warned, my friends. Cricut amazingness coming your way soon!


Sorry. Not sure where the evil laughter is coming from. I think I need some ice cream to cool off.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a Cricut Mini for review purposes. All children whom scatter shoes all over my house and ignore fabulous storage solutions, are in fact my own.

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