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I have guilty secret. Sometimes when I get on Pinterest, I like to look at my own website page and see what projects of mine people have pinned.

Does that make me a totally self absorbed person?

Don’t answer that.

I love to see what projects catch people’s attention, and which ones were for the most part project fails.

Obviously  I don’t post just to gain traffic on Pinterest, but it does matter in the grand scheme of site traffic.

And just like some of you stalk me, I stalk you pinning me, pinning you, pinning me. Haha! Yeah, that didn’t make any sense.

Not only do I love to see what’s been pinned over and over again, I love to see the comments that follow.

Here is some of my favorite’s

I  love Jana’s honesty in this one.

I also love and appreciate it when people bring good ideas to the table.  Err… locker front.

This one makes me laugh because I put a period (.) on my pins all the time when I have nothing to say or am too busy to type a description.

Karen, I love your method of speed pinning.

Julie seems to have my antique gasoline cans twin.

Spanish? Portugese? Urban teen slang that I just can’t comprehend?

Heather, would you just commit already?

DeeDee, we need to reunite our front doors.

Deanna, you made my day!

I love it when someone knows the person behind the pin.

Chelsie, what a fabulous idea! Make it and then send me a link and I will pin it! Then we can be pinned map friends! (Or is that weird?)

And here is my all time favorite:

Cassandra, I think we could be good friends.


Now, for my sanity, please don’t pin these pins. Or it’s going to be like when you take a picture of yourself holding a picture. Then you take a picture of you, holding that picture of yourself. And it goes on, and on, and on.

Seriously, my brain hurts right now.

Feel free though to leave me entertaining comments on all future pins. I guarantee when I am self loathing I will see them. :)


You can check out all of my pinned projects here. You can view the boards I have created here.

3 Responses to “Pinterest Humor”

February 7, 2012 Reply

Natelie. Bahahaha…. How late was it when you wrote this?!
Ps I love the new website! Maybe I should hope over here more often instead of just reading your posts on google reader.

February 7, 2012 Reply

Hope… And hop.
It’s called re-reading your work Mauri. Ok flashbacks to high school English.

February 7, 2012 Reply

Ahh, thanks for the laugh :)

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