June 13, 2011 2:25 am

Chicken Wire Photo Display

Mr. Wright brought home some scrap picture frame molding a while back so I finally got around to finishing a project with it. I have been terrible about posting and updating on my photo blog, so I wanted something to display in the studio some of the pictures I have taken.Here’s what the molding looks like:

First I spray painted it with Rustoleum’s Heritage White.

Then I picked up two packages of clothes pins at Wal-Mart.

Then I printed a ton of pictures.

I nailed the frame top up and then stapled chicken wire across the wall. Then I nailed the sides and bottom pieces. It looks really crooked from this angle, but I did use a level to help keep it straight.

Next the pictures go up!

I really filled it up. And I plan to add more when I get time to print them.

I have made some other changes in the studio so I will be posting more when it’s complete!

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  • lauren @ West Furniture Revival

    love it it turned out beautiful.

  • Nicole King

    I love it!!

  • Samuel Ziemiński

    very cool idea!

  • Cyndy Stejskal

    Fantastic, love it. Working on “generation” wall in granddaughter’s room here to display various pics of me, daughter then baby. Was going to string photo wire back and forth, also using clothespins, leaving space for add-ons as time goes by. Love this more, perfect! Recent retiree and trying to execute my hidden passion for DIY projects, but constantly running into obstacles like needing help from the hubs who still works! Slows me down and frustrates me terribly! Will visit you daily!!!

  • Kim Olive

    How do you get the clothes pins not to bend the picture on the chicken wire?

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