May 4, 2012 6:00 am

Patio Perk-Ups – Tomato Cage and Rake Rack

I turned a rake into a display rack for garden tools.

If I ever die, people will always say, “Man, she had a nice rack. I even pinned it on Pinterest.”


Pfff. You guys are gross!

Seriously, get your mind out of the gutter. Unless there is a broken rake there. Then, well, go ahead.

Here’s the before:

And after:

If you don’t have a really old rake, guess what? It will rust and age with time.

My rack is really old and rusty.

What, again?

Seriously! You guys need to grow up.

It’s amazing we can even carry on a normal conversation.

Especially with you guys always talking about TV shows on Netflix all the time. Geesh!

Oh, wait. That’s actually me.

Dude! Have you seen Lie to Me on Netflix?

It’s okay.

For the tomato cage topiary, you just flip it upside down, and tie the prongs together with twine. Knot it… no hot glue. That’s a big no-no outside if you remember.

I embellished mine with clothespins and flowers made out of burlap.

Here’s how it looks in my backyard. I intend to get a taller plant in the pot, but you get the idea.

And for the final Studio 5 project, we have a banner made from twine and burlap. This was taken yesterday after two weeks of sunshine, rain and wind outdoors. It shows a little wear, but otherwise it’s in great shape. I would recommend stitching it together, again not using hot glue.

That’s it for all televised projects, nervous twitching, night sweats, and overabundant sighs of relief because I will never ever get used to being on TV.


Done and done.


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