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I have come to the conclusion that organizing an office is soooo different than organizing a kitchen. None of my “spectacular” kitchen organizational tricks have seemed to apply well in my office.

Papers seem to get the best of me in my kitchen, but in the office, it’s the cords and cables.

Since they are always in use they are always in need of being re-organized.

I started this method a few months ago, and so far it has sustained my desire for neatness the longest.

Introducing: My bad habits at their worst. (Ahem…add about thirty cords not pictured.)


Here’s where the nitty gritty important details come in.

Introducing: cable ties! But not just any cable ties, colored cable ties! (These I picked up for an uber cheap price  at Harbor Freight.)

Each color has a purpose! Here’s my color code guide:

Blue: Digital cameras.

Green: Printer cables.

Yellow: Cell phones.

Pink: USB cables.

Purple:  iPods and MP3 players

Black: Any over-sized or extra large cords.


Now, I rap my cords pretty tight, because I have a USB hub which gives me five extra ports right on my desk. If you need more room to reach your devices, wrap your cables tight, but exclude several inches to reach your computer.


This method worked pretty well to begin with, but I have six cords just for iPods and MP3 players. (Such is the life with teenagers.) So I found that color coding and labeling was the perfect fit.


These little Martha Stewart labels from Staples worked perfectly. Each cord is now labeled with the the type of electronic on one side, and who it belongs to or what brand it is, on the other. (Side note: I really need to stay away from Staples. The Martha Home Office line is freakin’ adorable.)


Now that all my cords are organized, I feel like my office in our new home is finally functioning well… and ready for an online tour!

Home office tour coming up tomorrow!

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