Moving Sucks.

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Everyone is asking for a house selling update.

And when I say everyone I mean like two distant cousins, and I am pretty sure the neighborhood stray cat is wondering where we are going to end up.

So here’s the deal-io.

After listing our house we had multiple offers in just a few short days.

Which is fabulous because the last time we sold our home I was so stressed out I fainted on the first day it was listed.

(Mr. Wright reminds me I happened to be four months preggers, but I think that is irrelevant.)

I just get super stressed out when it comes to moving.

So… after listing this house within a few days we were under contract.

Which we couldn’t tell anyone about because the last thing I needed was my kids panicking because we had nowhere to go.

The fainting gene could possibly be hereditary, ya know?

So Mr. Wright and I searched and searched, and finally found a house that was fancy and fan-tabulous. And we made an offer. And the sellers and Mr. Wright and I went back and forth.

And this went on for days.


And then we finally decided to just accept the terms we didn’t love so much and just buy the house and told our agent to write up an offer.

Then I came home and cried.

(Don’t worry. If I didn’t faint that’s means I am doin’ allright.)

And I got online and started searching for more houses.

And guess what! There it was.

A house that was the perfect location.

A house that was the perfect style.

A house that was way less glamorous and grand, but so very much a home that you would walk through and say, “Natalie! This is so your house.”

And that thing finally happened that is supposed to happen when you find a house.

It feels like home.

So we have a home to go to now. It’s in Draper, Utah and we will be moving in just a few short weeks.

I am still frazzled to the point of passing out. And I have a monstrous stress zit on my chin. And I wake up at 2 am and lay in bed for three hours worrying about schools, and friends, and other mom stress kind of stuff.

But at the same time I am so relieved we have a home to go to.

I know you are dying for a photo, but I don’t have one yet. The home is a “for Sale By Owner” and they took the listing off Zillow as soon as we went under contract. But I will be going back soon and promise to take a few shots and share them with you.

Stay tuned for more stress, passing out, and enough projects to last many years of blogging!

It’s going to be so awesome. :)

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Anna Lankford
November 5, 2012 Reply

Natalie we are in Draper too, up in Suncrest. We love it. Good luck!

We are just as excited as you! Can’t wait to see what you have in store. BTW, did you ever get my email? Don’t worry about replying until you’re settled in. And if you ever had a garage sale I’ll be the first person there (thought I’d throw that in…just in case…). Congrats!

Janalyn H.
November 6, 2012 Reply

I am so excited for you! Congrats on finding a place to live. I agree with you moving does suck big time!

November 6, 2012 Reply

So I just told Jared…if this post doesn’t get the word out, he will 😉
jamie recently posted..33My Profile

November 6, 2012 Reply

Can’t believe you’re moving! So glad you found a place that feels like home. Congrats! We might be out in UT just before Christmas and I’d love to see you. Hope all is well!

November 6, 2012 Reply

I can’t wait to see you put your own touches on the house…and I can drop in on you everyday if I want..evil laugh.
Brooke recently posted..Call Off the Dogs!My Profile

November 7, 2012 Reply

It will be great to see all your new DIY’s at the new house since you ran out of room at your current one!! But honestly, if moving is so stressful just stay where you are!!! Hahaha!!

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