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(Guest post by Mr. Wright. I have been trying to get him online foreeeever, so send him happy thoughts pretty please!) 

Natalie loves tech and I, her humble husband, love tech.  I attended the Consumer Electronics show many times before she did, but now she’s the one sporting a press pass every year.  Where is this going?  I’m jealous of Natalie’s tech hook-ups and finally wedged myself into one of her reviews.

That review being the  Linksys A6500 AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi router.

What, you say?

It’s the thing-a-ma-jing that lets wonderful internet course through the airwaves of your home and bring sweet happiness to every device.  It’s what gave us freedom to roam around wirelessly and ignore conversations with one another.  Next to your internet connection it’s the most essential piece of tech equipment in your home.

Previously we were sporting the Cisco Linksys E3000, a top technological wonder and something I spent around $300 on because I was tired of weak wifi in our home.  I was curious to see if the A6500 would bring any noticeable differences to the table.

Following in Natalie’s style, I’m not going to go crazy in-depth, but instead give you what you need to make an informed decision.  Setup is absolutely simple.  On my more complicated E3000 I spent a couple hours fiddling with settings and making sure everything worked.  The Cisco Linksys A6500 AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi router (saying the name of the product is the most complicated part of installing this router), is insanely simple to install.

1) Crack open the box 2) Read and follow a couple of instructions.  3) Watch Netflix on your wireless device from the comfort and solitude of your bathroom.  Realize I never do that, absolutely never.

It really was that simple.  I installed it from my Mac laptop, picked a name and password for the router, and I was off to the races.  It’s simple enough I don’t need to walk you through it here.

Here’s the interface you login to from the web.  You can keep it simple or get more specific control depending on your level of comfort.  What I liked is you have strong protection right off the bat, without even knowing what you’re doing.  Your neighbor can’t steal your internet any longer.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 9.58.45 PM


She’s pretty isn’t she?  One thing I love is the lack of flashing lights on the top.  If I’m really missing flashing lights I can look on the back of a router, I don’t want it throwing a light-show on my ceiling at night.  Thanks Cisco for bringing some sanity to this world.

The speeds were nice, the connection stayed solid, and I had a signal from our top floor to the basement.  What more do you need?

One issue we had with our new home was a lack of fast internet providers.  Because of that sometimes we’ll have a pause in the streaming of movies.  Netflix never really had a problem, but watching hockey on my Apple tv was a serious bummer.  For some reason it just choked on the content.  Man, was I excited to try out a new piece of tech that works along the Cisco router I just told you about.  It’s the Cisco AC Media Connector.

What the heck is it?  This little bad-boy helps your wireless device think it’s plugged into an ethernet connection.  Basically, it’s usually faster to plug directly into a router instead of using wifi.  What this does turn your wimpy device (I’m looking at you Mr. Apple TV wifi) and gives it super internet mojo strength.  After a simple connection process with the router I plugged it into the power outlet, and the Apple TV which then thought it was plugged directly into the internet.

I didn’t have to load up a technical program to test it out, I just laid on the couch and watched some awesome hockey.  I no longer have to wait while the video buffered because the video jumped right onto the screen and never blinked.  Think of it as a way of getting the absolute most from your internet connection.  Maybe you also have a wireless device you’d like to have a stronger connection with  your router.  Here you go.

That’s it for me.  I hope you learned a little bit about routers.  These are two options worthy of your home.  Thanks Cisco for hooking us up with these items!



Awwww! Thanks Mr. Wright! And here’s a peak at some of the fabulous apps you can pair with Linksys: 

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 7.35.18 PM

To learn more Linksys home networking, and to purchase the items above, visit them online HERE.


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