Let’s Get Vertical

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Because we are friends, and because I think you’re so super cool, I’m gonna do ya a little solid.

Don’t put vertical blinds in your house.


If you already have them, I won’t fault you. Ya didn’t know any better.

Just don’t. Do. It. Again.

Here’s the thing about vertical blinds. It’s not that they are a terrible way to block sunlight in your home…

It’s just that they are a terrible way to block sunlight in your home.

Seriously, when were these ever a good idea?

Have you ever seen a child NOT play Tarzan on these things?

I was nervous about taking the whole thing down, but it was surprisingly easy. The slats popped right out, and the whole contraption was attached with just a few screws.

After filling the holes and touching up the paint it was time to do some shoppin’.  I had been looking around online for curtains tall enough for our sliding dooe and a rod sturdy enough to hold all the weight. I found something I loved online at Pottery Barn, but I was looking at around $400 to do the whole thing. Ugh-oh.

Then I cried, and wondered why on earth I tore the vertical blinds down in the first place.

Luckily, Home Depot has sturdy curtain rods intended for wide windows for under $40. Score!

Did I tell you there is a Home Depot within walking distance of our new house? Mr. Wright says not score. I can’t imagine why he would be worried about me spending out life savings there. Geesh.

As for the curtains, my adorable friend Brittney had just moved and sold me some from her old house for $30. She actually sold me six for that price, and get this… they are actually fabric shower curtains from Kohl’s.


Isn’t that the BEST idea ever? Shower curtains are usually cheaper than curtains, lined with extra fabric, and come in lots of fun bright prints and patterns. Obviously  you want to go with a fabric shower curtain and not plastic. Well actually…

No, no. Stick with fabric.

Anywho, our sliding door is really tall, so I put one shower curtain on each side, and then hacked up a third to add more length. You can see a seam up close, but it’s not very noticeable when sitting across the room.

I can slide one to each side, but I found it’s easier to just have both to the right so the door is easy to slide open and shut.

The curtains do a great job blocking the bright sun, and look lovely all lit up from behind.

Much better than kids playing Tarzan, don’t cha think?

Holy crap, I saved some money on this one! $70 bucks and I still have three more curtains left to put somewhere else in my house.

And if I don’t find a place for them I will turn them into Christmas dresses for my girls!

Haha! Totally kidding.

I will pick up some plastic shower curtains for that. :)

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December 12, 2012 Reply

What a novel idea!!! We have vertical blinds in our house, and I HATE them. My toddler plays hide-and-seek in them, and we’ve already broken 3 slats. And the top? Coming out of the wall because it wasn’t screwed into the studs. But I’ve lived with it because I couldn’t afford anything fancier, just waiting for the day when it all falls down on one of us. You’ve given me hope, Natalie!! I’m so making a change after Christmas! Your curtains are sooo cute! Thanx for the inspiration!
angee recently posted..Frosty the Snowman Footprint CraftMy Profile

December 12, 2012 Reply

Wow i personally don’t like vertical blinds either i always worry about the kids hurting themselves. Love the curtains, such a wonderful pattern and still allow so much light in
Kizzy recently posted..What are your favorite festive songs? #FestivePlaylistMy Profile

December 13, 2012 Reply

That is the most wonderful idea I have seen recently, especially since I am moving soon and will have lots more windows than I have now. I did just buy a beautiful shower curtain at Goodwill I was planning to make pillows with, but maybe some curtains now!

December 14, 2012 Reply

You are hilarious Natalie..and the drapes are beautiful!
Brooke recently posted..This and That–December EditionMy Profile

January 6, 2013 Reply

Is there any way to know what brand the curtains are?? I love them and would love to be able to find a pair!!!

Natalie Wright
January 22, 2013 Reply

I don’t know the brand of the curtains, but they still sell them at Kohls!

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