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As you know we have four kiddos at home; all whom come and go from the house a million different times during the day.

Okay, maybe not a million, but it sure feels that way.

Right after we moved I made a copy of our house key for each of them and tucked it away in their backpack.

The same backpack that has a name and address label inside in case they ever loose it and some nicer person chooses to return it to us.

So basically, I have provided strangers with my child’s name, address, and a key to enter our home.

Ummm…. that’s not good.

So here is our brilliant family solution: Keyless entry!



This is the Kwikset Smartcode Deadbolt. The name probably sounds familiar; Kwikset has been securing homes for over sixty years, and sells products at most hardware stores you already shop at.

After opening the box to my Kwikset Smartcode, I had it installed in less than thirty minutres. Don’t be intimidated by the many parts. Kwikset provides detailed instructions that make installation a breeze. (I had a four year old “helper” so that should tell you how easy it was!)


The Kwikset Smartcode actually allows you to program two different codes, which is great if you want to have one for your immediate family, and use the other for guests or someone who may be working on your home.  You can always keep yours the same, while changing the guest code as needed.


I also love how Kwikset has created several different styles and colors to compliment your home. I chose a satin nickel finish, but Kwikset makes a variety of locks in a venetian bronze, polished brass, satin chrome, and polished chrome. I love the look of my lock and how it compliments the style of my home. I chose a traditional style, but Kwikset also makes a contemporary style featuring clean lines as well.



To learn more about Kwikset locks, and find out where to purchase them near you, visit them online HERE. Thanks Kwikset for sending me this awesome lock to try out!

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April 3, 2013 Reply

We have a similar kit at home on our door. It is very convenient and provides great security….the one problem. Replacing the battery. It does not sit well in the space and when we last replaced it, it was slightly off and the back panel is now all bent up. Just goes to show how important all parts of product design is important. I would recommend the keyless entry to my friends…but caution them when replacing the battery.

Natalie Wright
April 3, 2013 Reply

Good to know Monique- thanks for the tip!

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