March 27, 2013 6:00 am

Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Oh my goodness gracious. I can finally use my kitchen again! Wahoo!

Now, before I show you the big reveal, let’s take a look at the before photo, shall we?


And as you remember, we started with switching out the formica countertops to granite.


Then I added beadboard to the island, followed by hiring painters to come in and spray the cabinets.


The cabinets were previously coated with a thick gel stain, so the cabinet doors needed some serious refinishing. Kevin, the painter, made sure whatever had been put on them didn’t seep through the sufrace. Unfortunately on the first test cabinet it did, so our amazing painter ended up having to soak them in paint thinner, then sand, seal, paint, and seal again. Ugh. It was such a mess. I must say I was very impressed in their refinishing skills!

Here’s all the cabinet fronts just after they arrived from the painters.


And here’s the finished kitchen!


Here is a shot of the office area to the left.


Just to show you what an amazing job they did, here’s that gunky finish again…


And this below is the SAME cabinet door. Crazy!


We also had the glass replaced since safety glass was not used, and the glass had been adhered with silicone. Not very safe for a family who often opens the cupboard doors.


New glass, and wood trim was placed inside, all done by our cabinet painter as well.


Ah! They look so good!


I am so happy with the results.  I wanted the cabinets to look like they have always been white and not painted, and I am happy to report they look silky smooth — professionally finished.


Here’s an up close shot of the light I added above the sink. I had a lot of questions about the shade when I posted a photo on Instagram. It’s a $5 shade from Ikea.  I painted the inside with gold leaf paint from Home Depot.


We also updated the appliances, and are thinking of refinishing the hardwood floors down the road.  Mr. Wright wants to do it right away and stain them a little bit darker. I actually like the oak color, which is shocking because I usually hate oak!  What do you think? Refinish floors or leave them as is?



That’s it! Big difference, and we are very happy with the results.

As a side note, I did get permission from our cabinet painter to post his contact information.  He is not paying me, and did not discount the job in exchange for being mentioned.  I just think he did a phenomenal job and was very affordable, and I want to share in case you are looking to have your kitchen cabinets refinished.  His name is Kevin, and he is the owner of Profiles Art and Frame.  He is actually a professional framer, painter, and woodworker.  Talk about the perfect guy to work with your wood cabinets!  Kevin was able to repair several broken cabinet doors, and fix some chipped molding too. This guy seriously saved me a ton of money. His number is 1-801-722-5397, and his email is profilesfineart(at)  His crew is amazing and impressively finished both our kitchen and master bathroom in less time than we thought it would.


That’s it! Now on to more house painting. Wahoo!


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