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I am really excited to share with you two favorite tech items that I use quite often both in my home and on the go.

First is a 32 GB Kingston DataTraveler.  If you are not familiar with USB storage, 32 GB can really pack a punch. So what does a DIYer need this for? Oh my goodness, I use it all the time! As a photographer I am always packing around photos I have shot for family or friends. As a crafter, I am constantly downloading printable files. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is to purchase printable files on Etsy. You can find everything from organizational charts to printing your own artwork. (Caravan Shoppe is one of my favorite!) Since a lot of the files tend to be high res, my DataTraveler is the perfect solution for taking files to a local printer.


The DataTraveler fits right on my car keys, and the sleek design protects the USB port when not in use.

We are headed out of town to visit grandparents in a few weeks, and I am actually going to put some home movies on my DataTraveler to share with my parents. It will fit  right into their laptop so they can easily copy the files and watch videos of my kids over and over again. I have an iMac, and my parents have a PC, but since the DataTraveler is both Windows and Mac compatible, transferring HD files is not a problem.


My next favorite go-to item is the Kingston Wi-Drive (wireless hard drive). Let me sum up: You know how your computer has a hard drive that stores everything on your computer? Well think of this as an extra hard drive that is portable except this amazing little hard drive works with your iPad! Well, your iPhone and Android devices too. But did you hear me about the iPad?! How cool is that? So if you are like me and load up your iPad with games and movies for when you travel, you have probably noticed it fills up really fast. The Wi-Drive gives you a second place for storage, and it streams wirelessly to your devices! I know, I know, Coolest idea ever.


The Wi-Drive will actually work with up to three devices. That means on your next road trip, you can have three kids watching movies, all streamed to their devices from the Wi-Drive. And it’s not just for movies either. Photos and music can also easily be transferred from your computer.

I actually had my kids try out the Wi-Drive, and after downloading the Wi-Drive  app for my iPhone, they were easily able to navigate and find their favorite movies. Sweet! I must admit, this little wonder actually is making me look forward to our upcoming six hour plane ride!

A very big thank you to Kingston for sending me these fabulous devices to help make a busy gal’s life a little easier! And Kingston wants one of you to enjoy the DataTraveler and We-Drive too! Be sure and check back tomorrow for the Tech in the Home giveaway!

To learn more about other fabulous Kingston devices or to purchase these, visit them online HERE.


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March 21, 2013 Reply

Cool tip in the widrive – I just got an iPad and that looks neat. I have really stopped using thumbdrives though. I find Dropbox on my phone and other devices so much more convenient.

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