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I probably could have written this post days ago, but I keep starting it and simultaneously watching Arrested Development on Netflix at the same time.

I just about had the post done yesterday, and then the episode with Carl Weathers came on, and laughing hysterically won the battle of informative writing versus a television episode I have already seen.

Such is my life.

Let’s see if I can get through this without season 1 episode 12 getting in the way. Anywho, on to the office closet.

Here is the before:

The project how-to posts are here, here, here, and probably somewhere else too.

Here is the after:

In case you are confused as to the layout, here is the closet adjacent to the front door. (The printer table is directly across from the closet.)

Stools are from a surplus sale for $1 each. I did spray paint them with a fresh coat of silver as they were very rusty. Linen storage boxes on the bottom shelf are from Ikea. Wood boxes on the top shelf were made by Mr.Wright. Dang! I guess he did help after all. The pennant light was $10 from Home Depot in the clearance section. I wanted something a little different, but it matches our existing lighting well. And it was cheap. Done and done. You can’t see it, but a friend helped us install a light switch above the outlet. The filing cabinet was at a local Deseret Industries for $10. The metal drawers in the desk came from ReStore. I paid $5 for the three. They don’t fit perfectly, but I love them. The desk top came from a surplus sale. I think it was around $2? I can’t remember. I buy way too much cool crap.

I love how it turned out. The kids love how it turned out. Mr. Wright keeps saying how much he loves how it turned out, and how we should have done it sooner. Then  I remind him he thought it was a crazy idea, and how he should support all of my crazy ideas because they turn out awesome. Then he said, No, you cannot bring home sheet metal and try and wrap the kitchen table.



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March 12, 2012 Reply

Wow now that is just adorable. Along with the rest of your adorable house. I’m so jealous!
Salomé recently posted..Dear husband, happy anniversaryMy Profile

Janalyn H.
March 12, 2012 Reply

Absolutely love it!

Nicole King
March 12, 2012 Reply

Amazing as always!!
Nicole King recently posted..New Layouts!My Profile

March 13, 2012 Reply

Of course, this is awesome.

But I have one question — what did you do with your coats?

Natalie Wright
March 13, 2012 Reply

Hi Megan!
We have a mudroom just around the corner. All the coats and backpacks were already living there, so it was just an extra closet full of random stuff. Thanks for looking!

Tina I.
March 24, 2012 Reply


Karen W
December 22, 2015 Reply

Hello! I just found your blog via pinterest. I was browsing for a shared closet desk. I found yours and I love it! I was wondering how it worked out for you? What are the dimensions of the closet, most specifically, how wide is it? Did you find that it was enough room for 2 people to work at the desks at the same time? We are looking for a solution for 2 desks in a small space to help with our 4 children that we homeschool. I would appreciate any helpful info. I look forward to browsing through all of your blog. Thanks!

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