Handmade Vintage Camera Mug

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I absolutely love it when I discover how something is made, and then create it myself.

Like, obsessively love it. We are talking major addiction here.

I have seen handmade mugs on Etsy for years. And at first I thought people were special ordering the mugs, printing and adhering time consuming images on them, and then somehow firing them in some sort of high temperature kiln.

Not so.

Apparently all the magic is in one little marker.


I used the DecoArt Glass Paint Marker for this project. Yes, it’s just as simple as using the right marker. It comes in several different colors (I am totally trying gold next), and I paired it with a bunch of dollar mugs from Ikea.

I did not want a mass produced image. Instead I wanted something that looked creative and hand drawn.

Hand drawn by an adult mind you, and not my four year old daughter.

Jury’s still out on that one… BUT despite the fact I am not a budding artist, I do love how these turned out.

I went for a vintage camera look, just free hand drawing several different styles of cameras.

I found some camera images through a Google search, held the mug up to my computer screen, and sketched away. (You can find some awesome free vector camera images here if that helps.)


The great thing about these markers is if you mess up, you can immediately use warm soapy water to wash the ink off. The ink doesn’t fully set until you bake the glassware in your oven.

When you are done drawing your image or pattern, just bake at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes.


After baking, your mugs are now water and dishwasher safe.


They are however not protected from your eight year old pretending to take a picture with them while drinking hot chocolate and spilling said beverage all over your freshly mopped floors.

Next time I will sketch a mop. Or a vacuum. Or something else the encourages cleaning up after oneself.

Meh. Probably wouldn’t help anyway.

If you want to purchase your own DecoArt Glass Paint Marker online, go HERE. A lot of local craft stores sell these beauties as well for around $4.


Thanks DecoArt for sending me a goodie box of products to try out! Keep your eyes peeled for more super cool craft posts created with DecoArt products!


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Cute cute cute!!! Hand drawn is always best!
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Kathy Winkler
July 5, 2013 Reply

Hi! I just decorated some mugs with this great Art Deco Glass marker. It says not for contact with food…do you think that when using a mug decorated on the outside, would have anything leached into a hot beverage….from the paint that might be toxic? I need to contact their company…but thought you might have the answer to this one…..thanks….

Natalie Wright
July 14, 2013 Reply

Hey Kathy! As far as I know they are not toxic and you should be fine with it on the outside. We have both hand washed the mugs, and thrown them in the dishwasher many times. None of the ink has come off.

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