September 25, 2012 11:20 am

DIY Globe Light

Well hello friends.

If you watched  Studio 5 this morning, many thanks for tuning in!

Here the first of the “globe lighting” projects.

And, um yes, it is an actual globe.

The fabulous thing about this project is you can end up with TWO sweet light fixtures.

Besides a globe, you will also need an Ikea HEMMA light. They cost $5 and come in black or white. I have seen these for sale elsewhere, but Ikea has the best price.

Now, if you look at a globe up close, it looks like you can just twist and unscrew hardware to remove the metal bar.

Not so.

Learned that the hard way, I did.

You are going to need bolt cutters. I know, I know, it’s not a typical tool you keep hanging around. Call your friends and neighbors. Someone is bound to have one. If you get desperate take your globe to your local High School. Kids are always messing around and putting combination locks on lockers that aren’t their own.

No, I never did that!

At least not that I am ever going to admit to.

Next, take an exacto knife or box cutter and carefully slice along the grove you see below. Your globe will pop right open.

The last step is to drill a one inch opening at the top, where your light fixture cord can slide right through. It’s going to look messy, but no one is going to see the top of the light. 

The Ikea Hemma light comes with two plastic pieces for keeping your cord in place. I used one, along with some epoxy, to keep the light a few inches away from the paper part of the globe.

When choosing a bulb make sure you pick one that does NOT get hot. You don’t ever want to cause a fire from heating your globe. It is made of paper after all. Choose an energy efficient bulb from Ikea and you will be good to go.

Viola, That’s it friends!

This one is hanging in Matthew’s room right next to the ladder bookshelf I made… for Studio 5.

Ha! That’s awesome.


It’s now the perfect reading light for Matthew while he sits in his chair. Love it!



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