DIY Glitter Figurine

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First things first, glitter is awesome. It can take anything from drab to fab, and it doesn’t have to be a constant shedding nightmare either! Here’s how to add glitter to any favorite thrift store find, and how to keep the mess at bay.

I keep seeing these adorable glitter animals and creatures in trendy stores, but I just can’t justify the $20+ price tag. I found my little owl for just $1 at a local thrift store.

Here’s what you need to make your glitter creature:

– Mod Podge or Spray Adhesive

– Clear Gloss Spray Paint

– Sponge Brush

– Glitter

I prefer the Martha glitter tubes as the color varieties are fabulous. Any fine dust glitter will do.

Okay, ready to play? This is seriously so easy. All you do is give your figurine a good coat of either spray adhesive or Mod Podge, then add theglitter.

I wanted my owl to look old so I actually two toned him by sprinkling a base color on first, and then added a second glitter color in random places.

When you are all done give your animal or figurine a few hours to dry. Then you want to add a good two coats of clear gloss finish. This gives it a wonderful shine, and helps prevent glitter from shedding and getting all over your house.

Wait about 24 hours for the gloss to set, and then you are ready to display!

Ta-da! That’s it!

Next time you are at the thrift store be sure and check out the tacky ceramic isle! With a little glitter you will be surprised at what awesome up-cycling you can do!


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