DIY Drywall Tape Light

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This is one more of the lighting projects from Studio 5.

I should probably say I am sick of posting about light fixtures, but I truthfully had so much fun I keep thinking of more globe lights I could make!

This one is definitely the messiest, but messy always equals more fun, don’t cha think?

First you need drywall tape. It comes in three colors:

You will also need:

Mod Podge

Drywall Tape

Children’s Ball

Sharp knife or box cutter

Sponge Brush

Light cord

Trash bag

Plastic cup


Drill (optional)

First, wrap the ball with the drywall tape, sticky side out. I did mine with a ton of layers so you couldn’t even see the ball inside when I was done. The great thing about the tiny holes in the drywall tape is that the light will still shine through. You can wrap yours more sparingly if you want.

Next spread out a trash bag on top of your work surface, and then use a foam brush to apply Mod Podge all over the ball.

You may just get impatient like I did and use your hands.

This is also acceptable.

And will leave tiny dried glue bits all over your fingers for days.

Meh. Part of crafting.

Warning: It takes a lot of glue. Like half of a bottle. I did not dilute it at all, but I have read that you can to make it go further.

Wait 48 hours, and when the surface is completely dry take your plastic cup and trace a hole on the bottom. This is going to allow you to change your light bulb when it goes out.

Carefully cut out your circle, and then reach inside and pull out the rubber ball.

That part was wicked fun.

Next cut or drill a one inch hole on the top for your light cord to go through.

After you insert the cord you will have a gap at the top. Just fill it in with scrap pieces of drywall tape and more Mod Podge.

Wait another 24 hours for it to dry, and it’s ready to hang!

It really looks awesome at night all lit up.

Here you can see the access to the bottom for changing the bulb when it goes out. Remember to use an LED bulb as it won’t get too hot for the fixture.

Now… where to hang this lovely? I think it’s going to live in my studio.

Or the kids playhouse.

Ohhhh… it would look fun in my bathroom over my tub!

Ah, crap.

See, I told you I need to make more.

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Amy @ The Happy Scraps
October 2, 2012 Reply

I can’t believe you made a light fixture out of that tape! That is so clever, and what a fun statement in a room. Thanks for sharing. :)
Amy @ The Happy Scraps recently posted..Easy Handmade Thank You CardMy Profile

Lindsey P
October 2, 2012 Reply

After sheet rocking my whole house in the last couple of years, I have a serious love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with this tape. Perhaps this amazing project can help me work through this. Love it!

October 2, 2012 Reply

It might be fun to do alot of those for a party… :)
Gina recently posted..9 Chocolate Treats for a Fair Trade HalloweenMy Profile

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