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Ya’ll know I do a lot of crafting around these parts. I seriously love to learn new crafts. When it comes to cooking though, that is one art form I definitely need some skills. So when Laila Hardman over at Taste Culinary Boutique offered to let me come take a cooking class  I said, “Meh. I’m already an amazing cook, thanks.”

Not really.

Mr. Wright practically threw me out the door and said go learn how to cook something new!

Alright, alright!

So I did.

And now I am officially hooked on taking cooking classes at Taste.

Isn’t this place adorable??? Taste is located at beautiful Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah.

Here’s the amazing thing about Taste:

You sit in a chair and watch someone teach you how to make AMAZING and EASY food while you lounge around and eat said amazing and easy to cook food. Did I mention you just sit there and eat?

I know a lot of people rave about hands on cooking classes, but here’s the thing: You don’t want to be sweating, dicing carrots, and wondering what on earth is going on across the room. Cooking classes should be fun! And relaxing! And involve lots of eating!

Laila (co-owner and foodie extraordinaire)  has this amazing set up where you can see from every angle, and she teaches flawlessly all while answering questions and encouraging you to sample everything.

I was able to learn all about Italian cooking, like tips and tricks when working with basic onions, garlic, and pasta.

The cool thing about Taste is that there are MANY chefs and professional cooks who teach a wide variety of classes. From seasonal cooking to world travel, there is definitely a class for everybody.

If you have ever been to Taste you have also discovered they’re well-known not just for amazing cooking classes. Taste is also an ice cream and gourmet coffee shop. It’s a wonderful place to sit and relax after hours of shopping at Gardner Village.

Taste also offers European cookware, unique kitchen gadgets, and amazing tools for simplifying the way you prepare a meal.

My absolute favorite thing about Taste is that Laila has strived to keep her cooking classes intimate and affordable. All the cooking classes at Taste are two hours long, and cost just $35.

I know, I know, that price is crazy awesome. And get this, Laila is offering 20% off your next cooking class to all Natalme readers. Yup, that means for under $30 you can spend time with a world trained chef and former Lakers cheerleader.

(It’s true. Laila seriously has the most amazing past. You will be giggling all night if you ask all about her life adventures. Be sure to ask her if chef Gordon Ramsey  is ornery in real life. Spoiler alert: he is.)

To receive the discount just find your class online HERE, then call Taste at (801) 255-2446 and tell them you want the 20% Natalme discount. Easy peasy!

Thanks Laila for the opportunity to learn about amazing Italian cuisine, and reminding me that pancakes for dinner gets old real fast.

Be sure and follow Taste on Facebook HERE to be kept up on specials and promotions! To learn more about Taste Culinary Boutique, go HERE.


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