Charlotte’s Nursury

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My sister has an amazing eye for vintage and antique items. She is my numero uno yard sale partner, and I have to keep an eye on that girl, otherwise she totally beats me to the best deals!

My favorite yard sale memory with her is when we sat for an hour in someones driveway digging through an entire storage tub of vintage buttons.

The gentleman selling the buttons finally told us he would charge us $5 a bag instead of $1 per button sheet, just so we would leave his yard sale.

We have no shame.

Here’s a peek at sweet baby Charlotte’s nursery, which according to my sister is still a work in progress. You will definitely see some similarities in both of our styles!

The canned Lactogen is an antique can of baby formula! Definitely my favorite thing in the room.

Well, okay. Charlotte is actually my favorite thing in the room, but the antique formula can is a solid second.

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November 18, 2012 Reply

So neat, well done Brittney. I agree, Charlotte is the best accessory! What a cutie.

December 8, 2012 Reply

I’m in love with that wall lamp! I definitely know that I want to keep my eyes open for a pair of those for my bedroom in the future!! Great room!

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