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I am always in awe at what amazing ideas people come up with, and the Beam Brush toothbrush is just one of those WOW moments.

I had the opportunity to meet the Beam Brush founder Alex at CES this year. Nicest guy ever, and we had an awesome chat about where technology is heading when it comes to our health and wellness. In fact, digital health was a HUGE part of CES this year.

So here’s the down low on the Beam Brush. Alex had this brilliant idea of creating a toothbrush that not only encouraged people to brush for the recommended time, but he also wanted to help kids and adults track their brushing habits, and feel good about their oral health.

Most of us are pretty good at visually learning, and when you think about it we use many online tools to benefit our lives. From calendars to grocery lists, I keep track of just about everything I do on my phone. Heck, I even keep track how much exercise I get! So for me, it just makes sense to track other areas of my life I want to remain healthy.


So here’s how the Bean Brush works. You purchase the Beam Brush online HERE for $49.99. (Replacement heads cost just $3.99, and you can purchase an adult or child size.)  

Next you download the free app HERE for iOS, and HERE for Android. 

Make sure the bluetooth setting on your phone or tablet is set to to Beam Brush, and then sync your toothbrush through the app.


Once you are synced with the app, you are ready to hit the timer button and brush!


The great thing about the app is it tells me when I brushed my teeth and for how long, when I need to replace the brush head too.

I really love that the concept behind this is to reward and applaud good hygiene, and not to make your kids feel like you are spying or watching them overhead. I can’t wait to see the Beam Brush continue to grow and develop!


Alex sent me the Beam Brush to try out, and he wants one of you to give it a try too! Be sure to check back friday for the Tech in the Home giveaway!

To learn more about or purchase the Beam Brush, visit them online HERE.

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