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First: a disclaimer. I wanted a backyard playhouse. Mr. Wright did not want to build a backyard playhouse. I convinced him to do so, and it just about killed both of us. You know how I am always saying my projects are super simple and easy? Not. This. One.

We did not have building plans. Mr. Wright just envisioned something that ended up looking like a saloon. I like to remind the neighbors it is modern. Then they like to remind me I live in Utah, and I have a country saloon in my backyard.

Either way, I love the style of it.

Overall we spent about $400 on building materials. That entire amount was spent mostly on wood, shingles, and a few tools we didn’t have. The gravel underneath and to the side came  from a neighbor who had ordered too much for his backyard.  I did pay a neighbor kid about $20 to wheelbarrow it all to my backyard. This project nearly killed him too.

The front door was free from my dad. The side windows were $7 at a yard sale for the pair. They are garage door windows, and I eventually painted the white a dark brown.

After we had already installed the side windows, my dad showed up at my door with larger windows. Doh! We just added more windows to the back.

The front door had to be cut down to fit. We originally measured for a different door, but this one was better so we snatched it up and made it work. And let’s all remember this is a playhouse for children who really don’t care if their front door is solid wood, or cardboard.

When it came to finishing the outside of the playhouse we were burnt out. We were tired of working, tired of spending money, and tired of being tired of working and spending money.

A friend told us about a local farm that had a large pile of barwood set to be burned. Noooooo! So, of course we rescued it. Funny how we are the type of people who won’t rescue kittens, but will drive in a muddy rainstorm and trash our van with filthy rotting wood.

Tis’ the truth.

Mr .Wright cut the large boards into strips, and then used a planer to smooth the boards. Planing wood is a long tedious process. We spent many evenings in our garage, and are still finding dust after many cleanings.

Just to show you how old and worn the wood was, here is the scrap pile.

After the boards were cut and sanded, they were ready to be installed on the playhouse.

After nailing the slats down we coated the entire playhouse with a water sealant. See how the wood has that nice wet look?

The windows and door were painted brown (I finally contributed!) and the surrounding area landscaped.

To the right is a sandbox and our shed — which is Mr. Wrights workshop. To the left is a fire pit we built, and benches made from the same salvaged wood.

Here’s a look at the inside of the playhouse.

The school chairs, desk, and metal cart are all from various surplus sales. The rug was on clearance at World Market.

Even though we did spend a lot on the playhouse materials, I do love that the entire outside is made from salvaged wood.


I will never ever build another playhouse.

But just might build an identical building so I can have a studio in the backyard right next door.

Haha! Joking!

Well, mostly joking.

Saying our kids love their playhouse is an understatement. We have had many sleepovers inside, and it’s definitely the highlight of our backyard.

Next to the chickens, or course. :)

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February 1, 2012 Reply

What a great playhouse! And show of love for your kiddos, they will cherish the memories it provides. Take lots a pictures of your kids (and their friends) standing in front of that playhouse. I love a
GREAT investment in memories!

Janalyn H.
February 4, 2012 Reply

I love your saloon…oh…I mean playhouse too. Just kidding, it really is fabulous and my boys are jealous that their parents don’t build them one as well.

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Rev.Philip Castro
September 22, 2012 Reply

Im Rev.Philip Castro
I will like to order Backyard Playhouse from your company i will also like to know the cost of one and what ever it takes to place an order..I will be glad to see your reply.

What type of payment options do you accpet ??

Rev. Philip Castro

I am in awe! I don’t know if it’s cuter outside or inside. I want it in my backyard as my workspace.

Tara Woodruff
November 20, 2012 Reply

I LOVE this!! What are the dimensions???

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