DIY Antique Lace Window

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I wanted to put an antique window in my girls room on top of their dresser. I have seen some amazing ideas with antique windows and photos, but I wanted to keep it simple with fabric.

Here’s the window front:

Here’s the back of the window:

I was excited to find Ikea now sells lace by the yard for under $4.

That’s not true.

I was excited to find Ikea now offers free breakfast on Mondays.

The lace was just an added bonus.

Next I cut the pieces to the approximates sizes.

(By approximate I mean I winged it while my toddler pretended she was a cat and clawed my legs.)

Modge Podge would be ideal here. All I had was Tacky Glue. The bottle claimed it dried clear. Good enough for me.

Two layers of glue seemed to be the trick.

And here’s how it looks all done:

It’s now living in my girls room.

I like the simplicity of it.

We shall see if I keep it there! :)

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