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Okay, you just bought your first flat screen TV, and the sound is well… not the movie theater like quality you were hoping for.

So, you decided to take a leap and discover the world of surround sound.

Unfortunately, after going to a local tech store, the vast display of multiple speakers (and cost!) sent you running home to curl up in a ball and weep in a bowl full of ice cream.

I may or may not have actually experienced this.

No worries girlfriends. Here’s what you need to know. You actually don’t need an entire room full of speakers, wires, and overpriced dudes who charge up the wazoo for installation.

What you need is a soundbar.

This is what a soundbar traditionally looks like:



A soundbar is a bar containing multiple speakers that can be mounted under or alongside a TV instead of having separate speakers. Basically, you stick it in front of your TV and it looks pretty.

This particular soundbar is the Boston Acoustics TVEE 10. It can be found on Amazon HERE for under $200.

There are many soundbars out there, but this is the one I have in my home.


Here’s why I love it:

-To install it I had to plug it in an outlet, and then plug ONE cord into my TV.

-It came with it’s own remote, but I was also able to easily program my TV remote to work with it as well.

-The sound quality kicks you know what.

-I can easily turn it on or off. (I don’t always want to watch Barbie Princess Pop Star in stereo you know!)

-It’s slim size fits perfectly in front of my TV.

-I can plug my iPod or iPhone into it when entertaining for playing Pandora in the background.

-Aesthetically awesome outside, and super durable materials inside. I know because this thing has unfortunately taken toy blocks to the face many times.


Alrightly friends, now you know what a soundbar is. Next time you go TV shopping, you can feel a little less overwhelmed when it comes to getting that fabulous movie theater rich bass sound.

Parting words… try to keep the flying blocks to a minimum. Sadly, I also took one to the face.



Disclaimer: I received a TVee 10 for review purposes. All opinions are my own. many thanks to the uber fabulous crew at Techlicous for allowing me to review this great product. 

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