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Mr. Wright accompanied me to CES in Vegas this year, and one thing that we were both determined to find was a video surveillance camera for our home.

We live in a very safe area, but we both loved the idea of having a camera that we could actually use to check on the kids when we weren’t home.

Just don’t tell my kids, n’kay?

After checking out some big name brands, our idea seemed to be diminishing. After installation fees, and HUGE monthly service fees, we were starting to think video surveillance was overrated.

Then we spotted something brand new at CES… Dropcam!

This is the Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera. It retails for $149.


I installed our Dropcam in less than two minutes flat. You just download the app, plug it in, and select your wi-fi network.  You can also easily mount the Dropcam to your wall, but I discreetly hid mine on my camera display that faces my front door.

Yeah, pretty sure no one is going to realize one of these cameras is actually working. Ha!


With my phone app (iOS and Android versions available) I can watch from anywhere. And with the alert function turned on, I now know the exact moment my kids walk in the door from school, if I’m in another part of the house or running an errand.

As you know we recently had our entryway painted.  I wasn’t always home while the workers were here, so I loved that I instantly see if the workers had arrived… and if they were on time or not! It was awesome. I knew how long they worked, and could easily check their progress right from my phone.


Another favorite feature is there is no monthly fee for the dropcam if you just want live streaming, and there are no set up or monthly fees. If you are traveling and leaving your home for an extended period of time, you can always sign up for Dropcam DVR. Starting at just $10 a month, Dropcam will record and save your video either by the week or month. You can also set up multiple cameras on the same account so you can view multiple areas of your home.


The video quality of my Dropcam is really what impressed me the most about the camera. The 720p HD quality video on my phone is soooo much better than typical video surveillance, baby monitors, and  security monitors on the market. Dropcam  has a state-of-the-art wide-angle lens so you see everything in the room you are watching. You can totally zoom in on areas to capture even more detail. Sweet!

Dropcam even uses infrared technology to record video when it is completely dark too! The camera switches back and forth automatically for you. We had our Dropcam in our basement while our kids and a bunch of friends watched a movie with the lights off. They couldn’t figure out how we knew who was behaving, and who was goofing off. :)

But  wait! I haven’t even told you my favorite part yet. Ready? Two-way audio! You can speak directly through your Dropcam.  Whether you are talking to your infant in their crib, or telling your kids who just walked in the door to start their homework, Dropcam is also a great way to communicate while streaming live video.

To learn more about Dropcam, you can visit them online HERE or purchase a Dropcam on Amazon. You can also view several different live Dropcams in action HERE. Try it out – it’s really fun to see what other people are streaming!

Be sure to come back on Friday… I may or may not be giving one of these beauties away! (Wink, wink!) 

Thanks Dropcam for letting me try out and share this awesome camera!

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