Natalme Podcast 001 – Interview – Dallan Wright – Product Director of Fine Art

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Guess what?!

I’m a podcaster now.

Podcasting. Podcasteroo. Podcast-didly.

Yeah, I’m cool like that.

Here’s the dealio: Mr. Wright loves audio tech related stuff. Here’s got sweet equipment and I’m a girl on a mission. It’s a good combo, dontcha think?

So here’s the plan. I am going to start recording podcasts once in awhile and cover fun topics that are DIY, craft, and art related. I have a head full of fun ideas, but I would love to hear your suggestions too. My goal is for you to feel like you learned something fun, new, and informative. And sometimes laugh your tush off at me making a fool out of myself.  Win, win, right?

So what’s my very fist podcast about?  Mr. Wright actually!  Many of you probably didn’t know that Mr. Wright is somewhat of a creative genius himself.  He has worked in fine art printing and publishing for over fifteen years. Together we talk about the ins and outs of artists reproducing their work, some hot up and coming artists, some of our favorite pieces of art in our home, and much more.

That’s it! To listen just click on the link below!

(Side note: We are still working on some of the technical aspects so it may take a few days for this first episode to show up in iTunes. I will update this post with any issues, and would love your feedback as well.)




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